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Sharing my knowledge with another startup and first steps into mentoring – such a great experience! Exchanging thoughts on the French and Brazilian market will definitely help us both to launch our innovative solutions there. As StartOut Brasil highlighted it – it’s a invaluable return on investment.”

Clément Regnier, TestWe

About StartOut Brasil

StartOut Brasil is a non-profit program, sponsored by public and private Brazilian organizations, which supports the immersion of Brazilian startups in some of the world’s most promising innovation ecosystems.

The initiative provides the entrepreneur a complete experience with training in internationalization; market intelligence; networking with potential customers, investors and partners; and support for softlanding.

How StartOut Brasil works


Immersion Cycles

Want to join?

To help the program achieve its goals, StartOut Brasil counts on the support of several partners in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems of Brazil and the world. For us, it is of great importance to have our startups in close contact with people and companies that know and understand the challenges and opportunities in the selected destination markets.


Considering your experience within the destination markets, we would highly appreciate your support on holding mentoring sessions with one of the selected startups. Your guidance will be essential to help these entrepreneurs take their first steps towards the internationalization of their businesses.

Who are the StartOut Brasil mentors?

  • Entrepreneurs and executives with experience in the destination market
  • Angel investors and investment fund executives operating in the destination market
  • Business consultants with experience in the destination market

How does mentoring work?

Based on their previous experience, mentors advise their mentee, providing practical guidance and suggestions on how to improve the startup’s business and strategy, and connecting them with relevant contacts in the target ecosystem.

We expect the mentors to be available for holding up to 2 mentoring online sessions (via Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.) with one of the selected startups, and remind the mentoring is voluntary.

How can I become a mentor?

If you are interested in mentoring our startups, please send an e-mail to contato@startoutbrasil.com.br and schedule a conversation with the StartOut Brasil team for further detailing of the mentoring process.


In each immersion cycle, StartOut Brasil select up to 20 of the most promising Brazilian startups. Get to know their solutions, products and services, be in touch with them and stay tuned for promising business and investment opportunities. If you are interested in participating in the business agendas and the demoday, send an e-mail to contato@startoutbrasil.com.br.

Institutional partner

If you represent a private or governmental institution that wants to be part of this initiative, get in contact with us: contato@startoutbrasil.com.br.

In previous editions, we had the opportunity to count on the participation of important institutional partners which contributed enormously to the success of our missions, such as Business France, Direction Générale des Enterprises (DGE), Argentinian Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, Ministry of Production of Argentina, amongst others.

Destinations in 2019

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